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Comprehensive liver-support formula featuring the InCelligence Detox-Support Complex


You wouldn’t believe what your liver endures, all for the sake of keeping you healthy and free of toxins. Give this hard-working organ the extra support it needs to help balance your body’s detox processes with Hepasil DTX. This standout formula provides an effective blend of nutrients to actively support the body’s natural protective processes.

Health Benefits

  • The InCelligence Detox-Support Complex delivers a comprehensive array of botanical-based supplements to assist liver detox.
  • Utilizes patent-pending Nutritional Hybrid Technology, enabling USANA to manufacture a truly unique, comprehensive liver-support supplement by safely combining previously incompatible—but equally important—nutrients into one bi-layer tablet.


Hepasil DTX

€43.89 Regular Price
€39.90Sale Price
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