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Meet Neil

 Certified Osteopath & Lifestyle Infuencer

He's a father of 2, a husband, a traveller, a runner who grew up in the UK with British parents and a sister.  After completing his Honours Degree in Osteopathy in 2007 he decided to shift his mentality and moved across the world to New Zealand.  After being there for 12 years and becoming a kiwi, he fell in love and met his French wife. They now live in North Western France and love to be a multi national family.

His passion is to be a problem solver, and helping people to achieve their best potential while guiding them forward in health, physically and financially.  He has helped numerous business' to improve over the years and also has 2 of his own, and he loves to help others do the same.

Neil Maidment Running Mount Ruapehu New Zealand
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