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Healthy Eating While Wfh

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We’ve all been there and certainly more have recently. Working from home is massive now and probably will be in the future also. So it’s super wise to take a look now into what you’re getting into your system. Here’s a few tips.

I’ve been there, the cupboards are full of biscuits, chocolates, naughties and not much of the nutrient dense foods that we need daily to make sure we feel great.

It’s a mindset

When do you shop? Do you shop in a hurry? Do you shop when you’re hungry? Do you grab the same things every time? Do you actually know what your body needs?

Some of these questions may be hitting home right now about how you but your weekly food. When buying your weekly nutrients it really is all about the mindset. Personally I go shopping with a few questions in my head:

1. What can I buy today that will feed my body with the things it needs do the job it’s designed to do? and the next

2. What tastes good and how can I make my food interesting?

this is a great start to shopping with,

Create a colourful fridge

it’s always been a fun mission to go shopping, yeah ok I get it it can be tedious and sometimes a little boring but actually once you flick a switch in the head that says ‘oh actually if I shop for good things, I’ll feel better, have more energy, be more alert and look better’!! then it really isn’t a job to shop anymore. i made it fun one day by making sure that my fridge always had some sort of colour in there. Fresh produce that made the fridge look great, bright fresh lettuce, new flashy coloured carrots, ripe tomatoes and plump grapes to name a few.

This way the nutrient content in your daily routine isn’t hard, it’s easier to cook with fresh produce.

Moderate the naughties

“Sugar is a drug, don’t get yourself addicted”

It's far too easy to fall into the trap of nibbling something just because your brain says 'go on, just a little bit'. You think you're hungry but actually, no, you're probably just craving something sweet, and the wrong kind of sugar, or quite simply just dehydrated.

Sugar is needed for the body, yes ok, but the simple sugars that we get in sweets, soda's, biscuits and alike, all are the wrong form of sugar, they get taking into the system far too quickly, and causes a major spike in sugar levels, which in turn creates a big change in liver function, pancreatic function, hormonal levels, focus, and many many more.

If we are going to want to be focused, healthy and energetic throughout our days, it's better to get the form of sugar from fruits, vegetables, and whole grain sources, not your simple white flour breads, or cakes and biscuits.

Simply have some fruit standing by, or nibble on some finely cut carrots or my favourite, cucumber, its not only good for you but its tasty, fresh, and full of water content also...double bonus. You could mix this up with some hummus or peanut butter (no additives, no extra sugars etc), both possess a great amont of protein, a great tool to add to your kit for feeling energetic while working from home.

Get Inspired

A few tips and tricks are all that's needed to turn your health around, and working from home is hard on the brain as well as the body, so please make sure to eat well, snack right, decrease the baddies and increase the goodies.

Personally I also love using a protein meal replacement shake while working from home, I feel it gives me the boost I need, the goodies I need and it the right balance.

If you feel like you would like to know more and share stories along with others that are on the same journey as you, then feel free to tag #Backtoitclub and even go to the #Backtoitclub group on Facebook for more details on how to join the free club.

Trust this helps a little, and gives you a spring in your step for next time you're #workingfromhome

All the best and stay well and healthy

Neil Maidment

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