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Big changes for your health

Hey, guys. How you doing? Yep, I’m on a run, and, you know, it's about this subject actually that I'm going to talk to you about, it’s about general health and how you can improve it.

So it can be really simple, and we can seriously confuse it sometimes. I'm out on a run and its a beautiful day here in northwestern France and, you know, I was just thinking as I was running, it was time to get out. It's been a hectic day with the kids which is cool, no dramas, but I needed some me time and having ‘me time’ is one of the best things to do to improve your health. That can be gut health, brain health, if you're dealing with depression, being down or something, just anything in general health. Just get out. Get out and enjoy what you enjoy to do. Good weather, bad weather, doesn't matter.

Get out for a really long walk, run etc because what it does is it improves and increases the level of endorphins that we have. They're the feel good chemicals that we have going on in our body and mind, as well as a lot of the good stuff like serotonin, for example, is manufactured in the gut. But when we run, when we breathe deep, for example, and that can be on a long walk, that can be in the gym, that can be doing whatever exercise you like, when we breathe deep, we move all of our intestines and organs so that they're not stagnant like if we just sat down all day behind a desk, for example. So we're actually breathing deep.

We actually increase the supply of oxygen and all the goodies that we take in from our food to our belly. So it's really, really important to breathe really deeply and that can be, like I say, running, exercise, doing pushups, doing what you're able to do within a good level, but breathe deep. Puffing and panting.

I'm just about to go up the rest of this road here and I'm just a couple of Kms into my run, but you know, this is a long, long hill all the way back home, so I’m going to puff and pant, but that's a good thing.

So improve your fitness, improve your health in general, gut health, brain health, or even just to loose a few pounds, but just health in general. Guys, get out and enjoy the good weather while it's around.

Speak to you all very, very soon.

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